We can assist individuals and businesses with long term financial planning and wealth management.

Personal Financial Planning and Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of a client’s present and future needs in terms of death, disability, retirement financial planning and financial protection, accompanied by sound financial solutions.

Retirement and Investment Planning

Specialist Financial Advisors will compile a cash flow schedule based on your investment planning to ensure that adequate provision is made for your golden years. We have many years of experience in helping clients set up portfolios of investments that can provide a secure income throughout retirement, which will overcome the long term effects of inflation.

Wealth Management

Effective management of unit trust through a managed portfolio.

Business Insurance

Planning for the death, disability or retirement of key-personnel, partners or members and the financing of such an event.

Risk Management

Prevention of risks is always easier than trying to fix it once it happened. We can’t see into the future, but can advise on how to prevent unnecessary risks. We ensure that your dreams and lifestyle does not need to change if the unpredictable strikes.

Estate Planning

Long term financial planning needs to include the inevitable. We can insure that your estate and estate duty planning is professionally handled and that you can leave a legacy for your heirs.

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